Our Story

Celebrating one hundred and eighty seven years of ministry in Westerly.

The roots of Westerly's Central Baptist Church (CBC) go back to the founding of the First Baptist Church in 1835 and the Calvary Baptist Church in 1872.  First Baptist Church on Broad St. in downtown Westerly and the Calvary Baptist Church, nearby on Elm St., voted to merge at a meeting held on June 11, 1946.  Both churches went into the merger in strength, not in weakness.  Each was at a high point in its life.  The members had enthusiasm and conviction that greater good could be accomplished as one church.

The charter of the new church was dated January 17, 1947.  The new church building was then constructed at 16 Elm St. and dedicated on May 17, 1953.  An addition, which included an educational wing with several classrooms, a chapel, parlor, library and offices for the pastor and secretary was completed and dedicated on November 30, 1958.